Clarence M. Kelley & Associates

Clarence M. Kelley & Associates provides an extensive platform of investigative and security services, consulting, training and education. A comprehensive and strategic security solution to truly protect your team, your organization, your brand.
As a Professional Investigative and Security Consulting Firm, CMKA is staffed with investigators possessing expertise in many areas of law enforcement, investigation and security
The majority of our investigators are former agents with the FBI, Internal Revenue Service or military investigators with the Air Force Office of Investigations, Army Criminal Investigative Division, Naval Investigative Service or the Defense Intelligence Agency
Other professional experience possessed by our investigators includes former Chiefs of Police, Sheriffs, Highway Patrol Officers and members of state and local law enforcement.

Latest News

How can our church be secure yet welcoming?

December 31st, 2019|

Churches around the world are grappling with how to create a secure environment while maintaining their community-minded mission. Barry Young, vice president of operations for Strategos International, addresses this problem. It’s the first in our [...]