Church Security Bootcamp

This is an advanced, comprehensive training that involves conflict de-escalation principles, tactical application of firearms and an understanding of legal and biblical principles of self-defense.

Days 1 and 2
Tactical Applications of the Pistol for Church Protectors
Participants will be equipped to responsibly respond to a lethal threat. This takes trainees beyond the skill level of a concealed carry permit. Concealed carry training is minimal at best and is intended for individuals to protect themselves or their households. Expecting success with concealed carry training in a crowded, chaotic environment is not realistic. It could even be considered reckless or negligent. Friendly fire is never friendly

Have you asked armed volunteers, with only concealed carry training, to protect your church? If so, you are exposing your church as an organization to liability and may even result in a insurer refusing a claim or dropping your coverage.

This training represents the real-world reality of a lethal force engagement. Having these capabilities is a must if you expect success.

This 2-day course provides participants with the skill set to operate a weapon with:

  • One or both hands
  • A preferred or non-preferred hand
  • Standing, kneeling or modified prone
  • Shooting on the move both forwards, backwards and laterally

This dynamic course begins with classroom instruction that covers legal and liability issues and safety with a firearm. Classroom discussion includes the lawful and proper use of force.

Principles and tactics are applicable to team members who serve churches and religious organizations in an armed security capacity.

The majority of our time involves physical training for developing tactically correct motor skills for deploying with your pistol in an emergency.

These skill competencies include deploying your pistol, firing and managing your gear while:

  • Using a stationary position of concealment/ cover
  • Moving forward and backward
  • Moving laterally and at oblique angles
  • Utilizing one or both hands from a variety of positions and fighting platforms

Our building-block approach to training is appropriate for the person who is new to handling a firearm as well as experienced individuals who want to take their skills and abilities to a new level. We focus on principles, tactics and techniques that will lead to success in an armed encounter. Participants learn not only how to survive, but prevail in protecting their congregation from an armed threat.

Topics Include:

  • Safety at Home, on the Range, and While Carrying Concealed in Public
  • The Principles of Marksmanship
  • Equipment Selection and Proper Gear Placement
  • Legal and Justifiable Use of Force
  • A winning Mindset and Stress Management
  • Loading, Unloading, and Reloading
  • Developing Natural Index Points
  • Communication and Working with a Partner
  • Verbal Challenges and Commands
  • Proper Draw Stroke and Proper Recovery to the Holster
  • Single and Multiple Threat Engagement
  • Shooting on the Move
  • Horizontal and Vertical Displacements
  • Immediate Action Drills and Clearing Malfunctions
  • Making Proper Decisions Under Duress
  • CQB – Close Quarters Battle
  • Prevailing in Low Light