4 hr. Active Shooter Intruder Response for Leadership/Managers

Participants will learn to identify potential threats in the workplace and to respond to violent intruders. Although discussing active shooters and violent intruders may make managers uncomfortable, it actually improves employee morale when workers know you have a plan and take threats seriously.

Course description
This course combines information and application for an optimal learning experience.

It includes both classroom and hands-on, scenario-based training. The active training is conducted by experts with years of experience in preparing employees for intruder threats. Scenarios are safe and orderly but are designed to activate participants’ sympathetic nervous system (“fight or flight” response) so the training is not only theory but practice. This approach is the most effective way of teaching employees to not only lockdown a facility, but respond to worst-case scenarios.

Who should attend?
Workplace leaders, administrators, supervisors, human resource personnel, security, personnel who interact with the public and customers.

Participants will learn to:

  • Recognize behavioral precursors (body language, behaviors, facial cues) that can lead to violent incidents
  • Recognize the frequency of intruder-related violence in the workplace
  • Identify and recognize risk factors inherent to the workplace
  • Recognize law enforcement’s capabilities and limitations in responding to these emergencies
  • Understand and accept that the violent intruder event will most likely be over before law enforcement arrives or as soon as the intruder becomes aware of law enforcement’s presence
  • Understand the importance of awareness, education and training for frontline personnel (those who frequently interact with the general public)
  • Understand attackers’ goals and motivations
  • Lockdown to protect employees and customers and lockout intruders
  • Understanding “Normalcy Bias” how to overcome it
  • Understand what to do when lockdown fails
  • Understand The Three Outs: Get Out, Lock Out, Take Out