Our expert field operatives covertly surveil and document targeted activities that
would normally go undetected to the determinant of your organization

Confirm the facts and gather the information that will help you make decisions, design strategy, and manage risk. Expertly designed surveillance provides you with the covert view and documentation otherwise not obtained.

Workers’ Compensation
Covertly document employees collecting workers compensation benefits while they are engaged in activities outside their physical restrictions. Defend your organization from fraud by deploying covert video and social media surveillance. Tens of billions of dollars in false claims are paid out every year. Worker Compensation scams are forcing higher premiums and draining profits from businesses.

Internal Theft
Reported by the FBI as “The fastest growing crime in America”; employee theft accounts for more than $37B in thefts annually. From screening, to physical security assessments, to internal undercover investigations, our experts can help mitigate your problem, ensuring that your assets remain your assets.

Retail Loss Control
Retail theft results in billions of dollars in loss each year. Dishonest employees and shoplifters quickly learn where store cameras are located and adapt by using blind areas to commit theft. Deploying portable covert surveillance systems covers the blind areas and leaves thieves guessing. Randomly utilizing this surveillance technique for shoplifters and while conducting “employee shops” reduces shrinkage, liability and improves a safer environment.

Confirm the facts and gather the information that will help you make decisions, design strategy, and manage risk. Properly designed and implemented, corporate surveillance services can translate into significant cost savings.

With founder Clarence M. Kelley’s roots in investigation and law enforcement, CMKA is known for impeccable investigative standards. We produce high quality surveillance results through a mix of extensive training, field experience, and the most advanced equipment.

CMKA’s seasoned surveillance investigators are experienced in gathering evidence even in the most difficult circumstances. They covertly obtain video evidence of the activities in question and can directly report their findings to clients from the field.